Q?What is a dimensional sign?

In short, a dimensional sign is a multi-layered sign, often used to create a higher end sign.
ex. Think about the emblems on your vehicle(F-150, Accord, Sonata, etc…) They are raised, creating a dimensional effect. Now look at your driver’s license. Not so much….

Q?How long have you been in business?

In 2014 we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Q?What kind of signs do you make?

We make all kinds of signs and graphics, with the exclusion of Neon. Contact us and we can help you determine the right type of sign for your needs, or, for more experienced buyers we can build to your specs.

Q?We’ve never bought a sign before, this seems difficult!

Well, it’s not so much a question, but we know a lot of our clients go through this very thought! The best way to start is grab a piece of paper and write or sketch out what you would like to achieve. We can do the rest for you!

Q?Do you wrap cars?

Yes, we produce our wraps in house so we can work with everyone from small businesses with one vehicle to large fleets of tractor-trailers.

Q?Wrapping my car may be out of my budget. Do you have other solutions to advertise my business on my vehicle?

Absolutely! We believe in serving your needs, not upselling. We’ll take our time to go over the options with you, and do what you’re comfortable with. It’s your custom built product, and our goal is to make sure you’re happy with the end-product.

Q?Will you come to my location?

Yes, we do consults and work on-site.

Q?Can you create our logo/design for us?

Yes we can. The more information you can give us – the better we can create your customized graphics.

Q?I already have my logo/design, will that help?

Yes. Vector Graphics should be .AI; PDF; EPS, with all fonts outlined.
Image files should be .TIF or JPEG- High Resolution or 72dpi @ full size.

Q?Whats your email address?


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